Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome Back, Kotter!

Why am I welcoming back Gabe Kotter? Because it seems as if the 1970's retro hysteria has made its way back to Albany, not only in the form of a 70's era recession, but in the form of restyled disco-era license plates!
A revitalized "blue and gold" New York license plate (left), while the original 70's plate served as a muse (right).

Now, I understand that we're in the middle of a state budget shortfall, but forcing millions of car owners to fork over $25 for this new plate seems a little ridiculous, since they last changed the plate design less than a decade ago.

I wasn't in love with the new plate design in 2001, but it combined some classical elements like adding in "The Empire State" motto and reverting to a nice navy blue styling for numbers and letters. But they kept the background white, making sure drivers were not to be confused with our yellow-plated friends to the west of the Hudson.

While New York's colors historically are navy blue and gold, it'll be harder to distinguish a NY and NJ plate once this hits the streets in April 2010.

The classic "Liberty" license plate in use from 1986-2001.

Regardless, it's time to say goodbye to the Gov. Pataki-era Niagara Falls / Empire plate. We hardly knew ya. Now if they could just bring back something like 80's era "Liberty" plate (above), we'd again have the most iconic license plate in the world.

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